One of the refined sector with highest growth potential. IIVA offers an excellent business opportunity for every individual who has a passion for education. One and only opportunity by FIRST and ONLY Govt affiliated organization. Every individual has a spark within, there is only a need to ignite that spark. “START SMALL GO BIG”

IIVA Center


IIVA is looking forward to associate with dynamic professionals, passionate to work in the field of education, have a vision to bring change in the society through their contribution.

IIVA offers an opportunity to start your own enterprise/institute for teacher training delivery helping unemployed youth, graduates, undergraduates, house wives, senior citizens and many more in up-skill through providing a government certified Certificate course of Abacus and Certificate course of Vedic Maths. IIVA is working towards preparing strong leaders who possess attitude, skills and knowledge so that they can continue on their path of life long learning.

Certificate Course Details: (Professional Course)

Course Name                                   Who can Apply
 AbacusTeachersGraduatesUnder GraduatesProfessionalsHouse Wives
Vedic Maths

 Certificate course Abacus and Vedic Maths 

Course DetailsAbacus (ATT)Vedic (VTT)
Duration of Certificate Course6 Months6 Months
ClassesWeekly/Weekend/Part TimeWeekly/Weekend/Part Time

District Partnership for IIVA

IIVA offers an opportunity to become District Partner, thus contributing in promotion of this skill education to a specific region.

State Partnership for IIVA

IIIVA offers an ultra-exclusive opportunity to become State Partner specially offered to dynamic professionals who can work hard to bring revolutionary change in the society and promote this skill to masses.


    • No Commercial space is mandatory
    • 1 Classroom set up
    • Basic Amenities
    • Easy accessibility and visibility potential
    • Permission for outside and inside branding
    • PASSION to work
    • WILLINGESS to Learn

*To start your own Government Authorized IIVA Center, Please fill this form,