Online Vedic Maths Training

In today’s era of digitization and globalization, conventional methods of learning through books and classrooms are a passé. Hence why IIVA has introduced an online platform which integrates digital learning and teaching tools through interactive smart boards. It has removed limitations of time, communication and location barriers, instructor accessibility, etc. and has opened avenues of development for everyone. Working professionals, housewives, teachers, students, and anybody interested in learning this discipline, can do so without any time constraint and at a very low cost….. Read More

Online Abacus Training

Abacus is such a great activity for kids age group of 5-12 years and the demand for studying Abacus is effectively increasing every day. Unlike earlier, the awareness of Abacus activity among educators and educational institutions is rapidly increasing and they are promoting it very aggressively. Its benefits have really amazed parents and to be an Abacus Trainer has become a very reputed profession. Choosing a right institution for learning Abacus is really not an easy thing as there are numerous companies that impart online Abacus Training. We at IIVA, ensure the quality of Abacus Training and has successfully….. Read More


VTT | Vedic Maths Teacher Training (Offline)

IIVA offers Vedic Maths Teacher Training certificate program that includes all level training for which you need not buy any franchise. It is not mandatory that after taking Vedic Maths training, you will have to open a Vedic maths centre. Candidates preparing for entrance exams, skill development, or for business purpose etc. can join certificate programme. This certificate programme includes an in-depth study of Vedic Maths sutras. After the successful completion of Vedic Maths training, a candidate is free to take Vedic Maths classes….. Read More

ATT | Abacus Teacher Training (Offline)

IIVA trainers aim to provide Abacus Teachers Training programme in such a unique simplified way that learning Maths becomes easy and fun for the learners. Also, our course fee includes all required study material which helps the learner to understand and learn in a better way. IIVA certified trainers can grab the best earning opportunity and can open their own educational training institutes. With a very small amount of investment in ABACUS certification, anyone can become a certified professional and get recognition in society….. Read More


Vedic Maths Franchise

Vedic Mathematics is a remarkable technique that assists children and students to perform basic arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately. Arithmetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for children. It is a compilation of tricks meant to arrive at the answers mentally. It captures the interest of a child by using different techniques and making the problem a solution. Vedic maths is a very popular way to enhance mathematical skills. Vedic maths starts at a basic level of numbers and slowly progresses towards simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division….. Read More

Abacus Franchise

Want to set up your own business and that too in the education sector then IIVA is the best place for you. By being an Abacus Franchise of IIVA, you will be getting regular support. ABACUS is an instrument to learn mental arithmetic. It is a mathematical tool which is only used to do arithmetic calculation easily and quickly as a calculator. Abacus Maths helps to develop the right brain of a child. Abacus can be helpful in the development of one’s inner abilities like concentration, speed, memory, accuracy and learning ability. Abacus students are found to be excellent in the accuracy of their minds as compared to….. Read More