I have completed my training with trainer Ms. Jyoti. All the topics were properly explained to me by my trainer. Visualization part in abacus is difficult for me, which requires practice. The trainer has helped me with all my queries.

Versha Harshad Doshi

B.Sc. (ITI), Mumbai

It’s being an immense pleasure to be the part of IIVA. IIVA is doing a recognizable work being a stepping stone in the field of Vedic Math and Abacus. Trainer Ms. Jyoti delivered all relative topics with crystal clear clarification. It helped me to explore area of Vedic Math and Abacus. Thanks to Ms. Ranjana and Ms. Harsha for sending deliverables on time.

Abhinav Sharma


This is with regards to the Abacus training undertaken from IIVA. I am really glad that I was trained by Ms. Jyoti, who is an excellent trainer. She was very helpful and was very patient in explaining certain topics which was a bit difficult to understand in the beginning. Greatly appreciate the efforts.

Rajashree Mishra 

B.E., Bangalore

The Abacus training was well delivered and engaging. Pace was perfect and coaching by Ms. Ranjana was both interesting and useful. The whole process from start to finish was superb and will be a massive help to me going forward. I would also like to congratulate IIVA on the course content and delivery approach. Overall, it is an excellent course, well organized and conducted in a professional manner. Ms. Ranjana on her part is a fantastic teacher with through knowledge of Abacus and passion for teaching.

Nishant Sahay

B.E., Bangalore

I have completed Abacus course from IIVA. The training period was very interesting and good. The trainer Ms. Jyoti was very nice and explained each and every bit of the topic clearly. Thank you IIVA for training me.