We are disseminating the knowledge of ABACUS and VEDIC MATHS for bolstering the understanding of mathematics at an elementary level with accurate standards. To this effect, we are committed to upgrading the quality of teaching maths, with the support of a dedicated team of trainers with vast experience and excellent track record.

IIVA has launched Govt. certified courses for T3(Train The Trainers) programs, training candidates who are 18yrs or above in both online and offline mode.

You don’t need to wait for franchise approval to start a new centre or business venture in the field of Abacus and Vedic Maths. We are creating Govt. certified entrepreneurs, who can start their own franchise right away, from day one of joining the course.

Also, the course will be beneficial for upskilling existing practitioners, who are already teaching Abacus and Vedic Maths, like school teachers and parents.


As per our research, understanding and extensive case studies in association with SCERT/RMSA/SSA, we have enumerated the following details about how our approach streamlines the course into covering all the essential aspects.


Abacus courses have been running in India and globally for the past 10yrs, for the age group of 5yrs to 11yrs, but it is taught extensively without any basic framework, leading to erroneous teaching methods and wrong practices.

There is a common notion among people that Abacus deals with attaining proficiency in the calculation (a procedural aspect of maths), or at least, that is the apparent perception due to the visible result. But the actual benefit of Abacus is the improvement of concentration and brain enhancement through the concept of visualization.

Abacus is a level based program that includes the basics of arithmetic operations, viz:

  • Addition (starting with single digit and ascending gradually)
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

When we see the result of such teaching methodology in a child, which reflects the solving of 5-10 rows of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division without any tools and giving answers instantaneously, we assume that Abacus has improved the computation potential of the kid, but that is an inaccurate presumption eventually. In reality, the child’s concentration power improves rendering him capable of discerning such massive calculations with minimal effort.

The ostensible way in which this works out is basically related to the pupil’s improved concentration and skill level, which lets the subject focus on a particular aspect and employ all his/her senses on the same aspect at any given time, producing drastic results. By drastic we mean two things. First, the improvement of oral calculation is visible in more than 75% of the children doing Abacus course(test sample of more than 15000 children from various schools can be referred to, as proof). Second, enhanced oral calculation capability reflects concentration power improvement using photographic memory, thus boosting the overall ability of the child.


Vedic Maths teaches children how to solve the same problem through multiple calculation tricks and techniques. This enables them to play with numbers and eventually removes the phobia of maths from their mind.

The simplicity of Vedic Maths helps a child perform calculations by merely observing the problem. There are many advantages of this flexible number crunching process. Children can invent their own techniques and not get restricted by the set standards being commonly and widely used. This leads to more creativity and reinvigorates interest in maths. Time and again Vedic Maths has proven itself to be the only way to make modern mathematics simpler and easier.

Vedic Maths is not restricted to brain development and concentration only. It is derived from the ancient and enriching texts of “Atharva Veda”. There are 16 Sutras on which the entire concept of Vedic Maths revolves and it has been in use for a long time in academic entrance level, subsequent to 12th standard. We have had elaborate discussions with many prominent and eminent mathematicians and they have all concurred to the many benefits of these techniques among students. It has been observed extensively, that 70% of students drop maths as a subject after the 10th standard and the remaining 30% who opt maths successively, are already proficient in it. It is for this precise reason that the Vedic Maths course has been started by us for students of 6th to 9th standard, in order to remove the fear of maths from their mind at an early stage.

The difference between children scoring average and exceptional marks in maths is just the phobia of maths in them and not any kind of ineptitude. IIVA uses Vedic Maths to remove that detestation in schoolchildren. Once a child adapts to it and takes interest in the subject, his/her calculation power and computational capability increase immensely, thereby paving the way for a smooth transition towards complex mathematics.

And hence we return to the effervescent question of “Why IIVA”. We have proven ourselves by generating a buzz in the market and creating awareness about the facts and ideology of Abacus and Vedic Maths. When and how to introduce and teach these courses, is determined by IIVA.

Now, the responsibility to spread this awareness and knowledge to the necessary places is the next role of IIVA. It is being done by launching both online and offline courses. More importantly, these Govt. certified courses will benefit in fetching employment. The candidates pursuing BED/NIT/IBT/etc can benefit immensely from this course, as they will get more preference over others in a competitive employment scenario.

IIVA is creating entrepreneurs and employment simultaneously.

IIVA is the only organization accredited to QCI and affiliated with the Govt. of India, and hence the only body offering Govt. certified courses on Abacus and Vedic Maths.