IIVA offers the best opportunity to open Govt certified Vedic-maths and Abacus Institute or franchise near you with just minimum investment. One of the refined sector with highest growth potential. This offer is for every individual who has a passion for education. This is one and only opportunity by FIRST and ONLY Govt affiliated organization, IIVA. Every individual has a spark within, there is only a need to ignite that spark. “START SMALL GO BIG”
IIVA Center


IIVA is looking forward to associate with dynamic professionals, passionate to work in the field of education, have a vision to bring change in the society through their contribution.

IIVA offers an opportunity to open Govt certified Vedic-maths and Abacus Institute or franchise near you which can help in delivering teacher training programs, helping unemployed youth, graduates, undergraduates, house wives, senior citizens and many more in up-skill. IIVA is working towards preparing strong leaders who possess attitude, skills and knowledge so that they can continue on their path of life long learning.

Certificate Course Details: (Professional Course)

Course Name                                   Who can Apply
 AbacusTeachersGraduatesUnder GraduatesProfessionalsHouse Wives
Vedic Maths

 Certificate course Abacus and Vedic Maths 

Course DetailsAbacus (ATT)Vedic (VTT)
Duration of Certificate Course6 Months6 Months
ClassesWeekly/Weekend/Part TimeWeekly/Weekend/Part Time

District Partnership for IIVA

IIVA offers an opportunity to become District Partner, thus contributing in promotion of this skill education to a specific region.

State Partnership for IIVA

IIIVA offers an ultra-exclusive opportunity to become State Partner specially offered to dynamic professionals who can work hard to bring revolutionary change in the society and promote this skill to masses.


    • No Commercial space is mandatory
    • 1 Classroom set up
    • Basic Amenities
    • Easy accessibility and visibility potential
    • Permission for outside and inside branding
    • PASSION to work
    • WILLINGNESS to Learn

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