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IIVA trainers aim to provide the Abacus Teacher Training program in such a unique simplified way that learning Maths becomes easy and fun for the learners. Also, it includes all required study material which helps the candidate to understand and learn in a better way. IIVA certified trainers can easily open their open educational institutes with a basic level of investment in the ABACUS certification course.

This is a 6-month course which can be completed in different time slots(short term crash course also available). Professional teachers can come twice a week while the homemakers and freshers can complete the course by coming 5 days a week.

Benefits of Abacus Training Course:

  • Abacus Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to start earning income.
  • Abacus training classes, due to its quality teaching is popular across the world
  • It gives opportunities to professionals to start their own Abacus Maths Training Institute
  • Opportunity to get hired by any of the schools or institutions as a full-time Abacus Teacher
  • Excellent opportunity to associate as you will be your own boss and earn throughout your life due to its demand in the present generation
  • It provides flexibility as no week’s time is required rather trainers conduct these classes on weekends preferably on either Saturdays or Sundays
  • No prior experience is necessary for teaching or in business

Who Can Join the Abacus Training Program?

  • A graduate
  • An educated housewife
  • Tuition teacher
  • Schoolteacher
  • Businessman

IIVA gives you an opportunity to train children with an abacus technique based on the mental arithmetic system.

IIVA is an Indian company that offers you one-time training at all levels and topics so that you are committed to quality and focus on excellent education.

Learning abacus will remove their fear of maths. “Our Abacus approach is a language which plays with numbers to sense, feel and know”. This is a method of imaging and visualizing numbers and deals with its addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other operations mentally.

Please note: IIVA does not suggest its learners obtain franchise registration before starting their classes

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