Below are the complete Vedic Maths course details which helps you to understand the course structure.

Vedic Maths Course- Volume – I

1. Introduction of Vedic Maths,

2. History of Vedic Maths,

3. Benefits of Vedic Maths, Sutras, Sub-Sutras,  Sutras, and their explanation,

4. Multiplication by 11 and multiples of 11  (Sub Sutra Ānurūpyeṇa),

5. Multiplication by 12 to 19 (Sutra Sopāntyadvayamantyaṃ ),

6. Multiplication by 111 and multiples of 111, 

7. Base Method Multiplication, (Sutra NikhilaṃNavataścaramaṃDaśataḥ and Sub Sutra Ānurūpyeṇa),

8. If the sum of unit digits is 10 and rest place digits are same, (Sub Sutra Antyayordaśake’pi),

9. Multiplication by 9, Multiplication of Number Ending with 9 i.e. 19- 99,

10. General Method (2 digit x 2 digits)(Sutra ŪrdhvaTiryagbhyāṃ), Subtraction ( all from 9 last from 10) (Sutra NikhilaṃNavataścaramaṃDaśataḥ),  Vinculum,

11. Change units digit into a vinculum, Change all digits to vinculum except first,  Devinculum, Subtraction using vinculum, Addition Base Method,   Subtraction Base Method, Addition/ Subtraction using vinculum, Addition using Complements,

12. Division by 9 (Sutra NikhilaṃNavataścaramaṃDaśataḥ),

13. Division by 8 (Sutra NikhilaṃNavataścaramaṃDaśataḥ),

14. Division by 11, Division by 12, Division by 99,

15. Division by number above base 100, 

16. Division Base Method (Above Base), Division Base Method  (Below Base), Squares (Base Method)  (Sub Sutra YāvadūnaṃTāvadūnīkṛtyaVargañcaYojayet),

17. Square of a number ending with 5 (Sutra EkādhikenaPūrveṇa), Square of number starting with 5

Volume – II

1. Tables Using Vinculum,

2. Multiplication by the number of 9s(Sutra EkādhikenaPūrveṇa)

(i) Multiplication has equal of 9s as compared to digits.

(ii) The multiplier has less number of 9s as compared to digits of multiplicand

(iii) Multiplier has more number of 9s as compared to digits of the multiplicand.

3. Multiplication general method(Sutra ŪrdhvaTiryagbhyāṃ)

(i) 2D x 2D

(ii) 3D x 3D

(iii) 3D x 2D

(iv) 4D x 4D

(v) 4D x 3D

(vi) 4D x 2D

4. Division General Method [Flag Method](Sutra ParāvartyaYojayet),

5. Squares by Duplex Method, Addition of square, Square Roots of Exact Squares, CUBES, Cube Roots of Exact Cubes, Fourth Power (2 Digit Number)

Volume -III

1. Addition and Subtraction (Fractions),

2. Auxiliary fractions(Sutra EkādhikenaPūrveṇa)

(i) Denominator Ending with 9

(ii) Denominator Ending with 8

(iii) Denominator Ending with 7

(iv) Denominator Ending with 6

(v) Denominator Ending with 1,

3. Multiplication (3 Rows General Method), Multiplication (3rows BaseMethod), MagicSquares,

4. Multiplication(algebraic expressions),

5. Division(algebraic expressions),

6. (SutraParāvartyaYojayet),

7. DivisibilityRules(Sutra EkādhikenaPūrveṇa&SubSutraVeṣṭanaṃ),

8. Approximations(SutraŪrdhvaTiryagbhyāṃ&SutraGuṇakasamuccayaḥ), 

9. Calendar Technique(Days & Dates).

Volume -IV

1. Pythagoras Theorem  (Baudhayana’sTheorem)

(i) Proofs, Triples (Tribhujank)

(ii) Addition of triples

(iii) Double angle

(iv) Find triple of an angle

(v) Subtraction of triples

(vi) Half angle,

2. Coordinate Geometry

(i) Equation of straight line passing through two points

(ii) The equation for straight line making a required angle to a given line, Simple Equations, Factorization of quadratic polynomials.


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