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Q.1) What is IIVA ?

A.1) IIVA is a government accredited institute, a leading global education provider in field of Abacus and Vedic Maths. It is an only institute that offers government certified professional courses of Abacus and Vedic Maths

Q.2) Why should I join or choose IIVA ?

A.2) You can join IIVA

Q.3) What is the Course Duration?

A.3) Course can be completed from 3 months to 6 months depending upon batch timings

Q.4) What is the Course Fee ?

A.4) The course fee for ABACUS – ATT- Abacus Teacher Training is Rs 20,000/-

The course fee for VEDIC MATHS – VTT – Vedic Maths Teacher Training is Rs 20,000/-

Q.5) What is the difference between ATT and VTT

A.5) If you join ATT – you will be able to teach students of class 1-5

If you join VTT – you will be able to teach students of class 6-9

Q.6) What are the charges of study material

A.6) Course Fee is inclusive of Study Material

Q.7) Is there any other hidden cost after the payment of course fee for the completion of course

A.7) NO, this course fee already includes study material and exam fee.

Q.8) Is there any age limit to do this course?

A.8) Anybody who is 18 years and above AND class 12th Qualified can do this course.

Q.9) Can I do both the courses Abacus (ATT) and Vedic Maths (VTT) simultaneously/together/side by side.

A.9) YES, both the courses can be done together.

Q.10) Can course fee be paid in Installments?

A.10) YES, there is an EMI Option available.

Q.11) What is given in STUDY MATERIAL?


Q.12) Can we take 2-3 FREE TRIAL Classes?

A.12) YES, you can take 2 trial classes absolutely FREE.

Q.13) Where are your centers located ?

A.13) We have centers at Rohini, Noida, Faridabad, Jhajjar, Rohtak, Lucknow, Allahabad, Ajmer, Bhopal, Ranchi, Ahmedabad

Q.14) Can we get E-BOOK also ?

A.14) YES, E-book can also be provided.

Q.15) What is the mode of training ?

A.15) Training is provided in both OFFLINE (centre) OR ONLINE (SKYPE) mode. You may choose any option as per your convenience.

Q.16) Is it pre-recorded session or Live session?

A.16) It is delivered as LIVE and INTERACTIVE session, with one dedicated trainer, where you may ask your questions or doubts.

Q.17) Can students below 18 years also join IIVA

A.17) NO

Q.18) How will we get the certificate?

A.18) After completion of course, an exam will be conducted and certificate will be issued by the government with NSDC, NIESBUD and IIVA Logo

Q.19) How many levels are there in each course?

A.19) It does not have levels,  as it is a TEACHER TRAINING COURSE, it has 4 MODULES to be covered in maximum of 6 months time.

Q.20) What if we have any doubts few months after completion of course

A.20) You will get an online assistance for 2 years from the date of issue of certificate.

Q.21) Can I become TEACHER after joining IIVA?

A.21) YES, after joining and successful completion of ATT or VTT courses, IIVA gives 100% JOB assistance.

Q.22) I have not done B.Ed and do not have teaching experience, can I still become a teacher after joining IIVA

A.22) YES, even if you not done B.Ed, you will be taught teaching skills also during these courses and will be called government certified professional expert in ABACUS or VEDIC MATHS and can join as ABACUS TRAINER or VEDIC MATHS TRAINER

Q.23) I am already a teacher in school and wish to join IIVA, can I also do this course?

A.23) YES, it is very good opportunity to UPSKILL your skills and thus can use in your regular teaching pedagogy. Anybody can do this course just for UPSKILLING also.

Q.24) Is it necessary to have MATHS background to do ATT or VTT

A.24) NO, you should have learnt maths till class 10th only and you can join ATT or VTT.

Q.25) I do not have a JOB, does IIVA provides a JOB?

A.25) YES, IIVA provides an opportunity to get a JOB, after doing ATT or VTT, your employment opportunity in market increases.

Q.26) Can is start my own center after joining IIVA?

A.26) YES, after doing ATT or VTT you may directly start teaching students and run your own center.

Q.27) Do I need to pay FRANCHISE Fee to open my own centre

A.27) NO, there is no need to pay FRANCHISE FEE to any brand after doing this course, you may directly start your centre after government certification

Q.28) Does VTT helps in preparation of competitive exams

A.28) YES, you may join FAST TRACK VTT course for competitive exams preparations.

Q.29) What is the  course duration of FAST TRACK VTT


Q.30) I am an ABACUS TRAINER and already know abacus, I just need certificate

A.30) YES, you may apply for the same by sending an email at contact @, IIVA will provide certificate after small assessment.