Abacus Training

Abacus Maths is the world’s first system in which one can calculate mathematical problems more efficiently than the actual calculator. It was invented by Tim Cranmer in 500 BC and was used as one of the best calculators. The major purpose to learn Abacus is to teach arithmetic to children in an entertaining way and to serve as a calculator tool. IIVA provides flexible classes to learn Abacus via online or offline mode of teaching.

Abacus learning not only help with the basic calculations, but it also helps in the counting of decimals, and negative numbers too. Abacus is a tool in which students have to use their hands on the beads to calculate numbers. Learning of Abacus can help in reducing demands in short-term memories as when people use the beads, they are actually using the device to keep the track of their digits. Which helps them to do more difficult calculations. 

Abacus helps in boosting better and faster results as compared to conventional maths method and also helps in improving problem-solving skills. The word Abacus is taken from Greek word ABAX which means calculating table.

There are 3 types of Abacus like, Chinese Abacus, Classical Abacus which has 2 beads at the top and 5 beads on the bottom. The Japanese Abacus and Modern Abacus has one bead at the top and 4 beads on the bottom.



How to Learn Abacus?

IIVA offers the opportunity to learn Abacus either Online mode or Offline mode. It depends on the convenience of the individual and after successful completion of the course they will get Government-certified certification of the course. Post completing candidate can either become an Abacus Mentor or can open his or her own institute of Vedic maths. Below are a detailed understanding of Online Abacus and Offline Abacus training: 

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