Open abacus center without buying franchise

What is Abacus and its Franchise?

A tool, a course or a product?
Abacus is a tool, and the study of this tool is called abacus course. So, it is very clear that it is not any product, then what is the need of buying its Franchise. IIVA provides opportunity to open abacus center without buying franchise.
Open Abacus Center without buying franchise- Govt Certified

Abacus is a brain development and concentration improvement course.

Abacus is being spread and taught through various centers by taking the franchise – but why?

Anybody can learn Abacus, it can be learned in the same way as you do any other degree, diploma or certificate course. For example;

To become a chef, you need a degree in hotel management, to become an engineer, you need a degree in engineering and so on…

Similarly, to become an Abacus teacher, you need a qualifying degree in Abacus.

Once you opt for any certificate course, you become a professionally trained Abacus Trainer and may start to pursue your dreams in that field.

This way IIVA provides the best opportunity to open abacus center without buying franchise. Who says you need to take franchise of any company to make your dreams come true.

How to Open abacus center without buying franchise:

This course is offered for:
    • Upskilling
    • Better job opportunity

This course has been specially designed under the great guidance of retired faculty in the field of mathematics and education. It prepares a candidate fully skilled not only with technical knowledge but also prepares with market awareness, basic computer skills, teaching skills etc.

Open Abacus Center without buying franchise- Govt Certified

It completely empowers you with all required ingredients to get a good job or to start your own business. After completing the course, one can easily apply for the job or can open his/her own center as a business without taking franchise of any company.

One can become own boss; no need to work for any parent organization. One is not dependent on anybody for further training. One is not dependent on the material. A person can open a center in their vicinity and start teaching without buying a franchise.

Advantages of this certification program:
  • No Hassles
  • Free from issues related to supporting from franchise head office
  • Self-dependent
  • Your hard work = your profit
At IIVA, we do not feed for a day, rather we teach how to cook. As a great saying says:

“give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

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    1. Hi ,i want to take permission for running the abacus classes, i done my own abacus bookes and all…please help me regarding this…

  1. IIVA has forced the government to think abacus and vedicmaths as a great skill, as skilling or upskilling people with abacus and vedicmaths education, has definitely helped many people start their own income. Feel immense pride to share that it has been approved by NSDC. Certificate from NSDC is awaited

  2. Hi, actually i am interested for both teacher training programme and franchise.please tell me about crash course duration,fees and when i can come to register and the timing of the institute.

  3. After taking the training of abacus and vadic maths , will u provide the certificates and plz tell me the fee structure of both
    It is necessary to take franchise to run a centre

    1. I want to do abacus and vedic maths course and I want to start a coaching point my doubt is if I got certificate from IIVA am I able to give the certificates to who learn from me

  4. I have taken online training of abacus n vedicmaths from this company nd has got many benefits. Now I m teaching in a village . it as really brought a great change in the students

  5. Hello, I have the franchise of Apex Brain’s from last 15 years in Kaij dist Beed Maharashtra. Now I want to start my own company what to do please suggest…

  6. I want to join this .but before that i need information abt it.i don’t have any idea abt it

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