Top 5 tips for Abacus trainer

Top 5 Tips for every Abacus trainer who are training students and teachers:

1. Proper Counseling of Parents:

This is the 1st among Top 5 Tips for every Abacus trainer who are training students and teachers to learn Abacus. IIVA provides best online and offline Abacus Training near you. Many parents after witnessing the result of Abacus consider Abacus as a maths improvement activity and plan to enroll their kids for Abacus classes. It is trainer’s responsibility at the time of registration to share with parents that Abacus is primarily a brain development program.
It develops the brain of a child which results in better concentration, removes maths phobia, improves memory, 360 degree brain development, generates self confidence, and etc. But the way of operating Abacus is mathematics, which is why the result also comes in mental maths.
After few month’s of Abacus classes, parents expectation towards mental maths becomes higher and when it does not happen with every child, parents loose confidence towards Abacus and the dropout ratio of Abacus center goes higher. So it is very important for Abacus teacher to share proper details and benefits of Abacus at the time of enrollment only.

2. Right Age of learning Abacus:

It is observed that for getting more no of enrollments, abacus trainer takes students age more than 14 years which does not benefit students as the best age of learning Abacus is 4-14 years. Teaching Abacus should not be only a money making agenda because it leaves a very bad impact on students and guardians as well.

3. Concentration improvement through visualization:

Abacus helps improving concentration power of a child. Abacus is based on a concept called visualization. With the help of visualization, kids start visualizing the beads and rods of Abacus which helps in boosting concentration not only in maths but in other subjects also like English, Science etc. Kids start leaving mugging habits very quickly. After completing 2 to 3 level program, a massive change can be observed in a student.

4. Make Abacus a Game:

The most important tip for an Abacus trainer is that never teach Abacus. More than a study subject, Abacus is actually a game. Kids who join Abacus classes studies other subjects also, and it becomes very boring for kids to join Abacus as another subject. To make kids continue Abacus classes, it is very important for a trainer to make them play Abacus. Abacus is a very live activity and a game indeed like other Indoor games. Besides playing LUDO & CHESS, kids can also play Abacus at home that is even beneficial relatively and helps kids maintaining their interest level towards Abacus.

5. Trainer Certification:

Before starting Abacus classes, Trainer should complete all the levels. Some trainers do not take all level training but after completing few levels, they start taking classes. The last and the most important thing is that Trainer should be IIVA (Indian Institute of Vedicmaths & Abacus) certified. It is not mandatory for trainers to buy franchise from IIVA. Franchise holders of any company can also apply for the certification course of Abacus. IIVA certification is always a very big PLUS for Abacus trainers.

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